How To Break in Work Boots (Fast & Efficiently) : 5 Proven Ways

It often becomes a pain for working people to stand firm with their work boots. There is no doubt that work boots are one of the most essential accessories for a businessman. An individual often wishes to get such work boots in which he can feel comfortable and walk straight without any pain.

How To Break in Work Boots

But usually, getting such work boots is not at all an easy task. Therefore, it is very essential to know the basic steps that can help a businessman to get comfortable with the heavy steel toe work boots. We are up with some of the best ways through which you can wear your work boots more easily and in a  comfy manner.

Now, kick out those painful days when your work boots were getting tough on you and all you could do was feel the discomfort and feel the swelling. After reading the following mentioned information regarding how to break in work boots, you would surely get some relaxing hours in your office by standing firm with enough confidence.

Whether to have Tight boots or loose work boots?


Many people have got this query that if buying tight shoes or loose shoes, either of them can ever help them to avoid the pain which comes with the steel toe boots. Well, an individual should always buy footwear of his own foot size. You should neither go for tight work boots nor you would get comfort while standing with loose work boots.

The best thing you should consider while buying work boots is the level of comfort you are getting after wearing it and if you stand on the right side of the shoes.

Wherever you go to buy work boots, try them at the store, wear them for a while and take a walk of a few steps. This would help you realize if you have chosen the right pair of work boots or not.

Moreover, when you remove your boots, if you notice even a little bit of redness in your feet or near your toes, you must avoid buying those work boots as they may give you severe pain and swelling if you wear them for long hours in the office.

Hence, make sure that you get the right size pair of work boots and make your day at the office easier and more comfortable.

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How to buy the right pair of work boots?

Nobody would ever wish to get themselves to suffer from pain and anxiety. Well, we make our workday easy and comfortable with our looks, attire, and footwear. If we are dressed up in an attire that does not suit our personality or is not comfortable and easy, we are probably on a path to spoil our day, isn’t it? Moreover, we would definitely end up with the worst day if our footwear is not comfortable and relaxing.

Yes, a wrong pair of work boots can actually spoil your entire day and would make your working hours painful and hectic. People often think that it is always painful to wear work boots but actually they are unaware of the fact that they can avoid this pain that comes with steel toe boots.

There are numerous ways that can help an individual get rid of this pain and damage which is often caused by wearing work boots. One such thing is to get aware of the ways in which one can buy the right pair of work boots.

If you are going to buy a pair of work boots, the following are the things that you should be careful about:

1. Size of the boot

Wherever you go to buy a pair of work boots, make sure that you are buying one of the right sizes. Many people think that buying a loose pair of work boots would help them to avoid the pain but actually, it is not true. If you will buy a pair of work boots that fit your feet perfectly, you would feel more confident and comfortable while wearing them.

You would be able to walk firmly in the right size of work boots according to your feet. So do not get into this myth of buying tight or loose shoes, instead, buy one which is perfectly fit for your feet size.

2. Comfort level

Once you have got a pair of boots which are of your choice, wear them for a while in the store itself before buying it. Once you have worn it, take a few steps in those boots only and see if you feel any pain or if the boots are comfortable.

Make sure that you buy work boots only when you are sure that these boots are not causing you any pain and give you all the comfort.

3. Whether it is painful or not

When you will try the work boots while buying, take a short walk to see if they are comfortable or not, you would also get to know whether it brings pain to your feet or not. Make sure that you do not avoid it if it pains and get the right pair of work boots.

So above were some of the ways which can help you to get the right pair of work boots. Once you have got the right pair of shoes, it would not be more difficult for you to break into work boots.

How to make work boots comfy and relaxing?

Now that you are aware of the ways of buying the right pair of work boots and can buy a good one for yourself, it is time to know how to make work boots more comfortable and relaxing. Usually, people are not aware of the ways that can help them get comfortable to work boots and therefore, bear all the pain that is associated with steel toe boots. But now, that pain would no longer be a part of your working hours.

Following are some of the ways which can help you in making your work boots relaxing and comfy and help you to easily get a break into your work boots:

1. Wear them often at home

Once you have bought the right pair of shoes for yourself, wear them frequently to get comfortable with them. Usually, we cannot wear work boots on a casual outing or for a walk due to which they remain untouched and once you start wearing them directly at your workplace, they make you feel uncomfortable.

This brings a lot of pain to the businessmen, who wear new work boots directly at their respective workplaces. So, what you can do to avoid this problem is to wear work boots at your home for a while and walk in them. This would make your work boots more free and comfortable.

You Would get confidence while walking into it and moreover, they would not bring you any sudden discomfort at your workplace. This formula has helped many businessmen and this time, it is your turn to make your working hours at the office comfortable and peaceful while wearing work boots.

2. Use leather Conditioner to soften your leather boots

If you have bought work boots made up of lather material, then the best thing you can do to make your boots comfy and pain-free is to use a leather conditioner on your boots. Once you will apply a leather conditioner to your boots, the leather would get soft and become easier while wearing.

Leather conditioner is being used on a large scale by people who are fond of leather stuff. Therefore, you can also now make your leather work boots comfortable right by using a leather conditioner on your boots. This method would surely help you to stand firm at your workplace while wearing work boots.

3. Adjust laces according to your comfort

There are a variety of work boots available in the market. All of them are available with their own respective characteristics and attributes. Some boots are veg available without laces. People often think that buying work boots without laces is more feasible and helpful, but actually, this is really one of the worst things that can be thought about regarding work boots.

It is always advisable to buy work boots with laces and laces can help an individual to adjust the shoe size according to the comfort level. Yes, if you have work boots with laces, it would become a positive aspect for you and your pool to be able to get more comfortable and relaxing work boots for yourselves. So make sure that you adjust your laces very well and break into your work boots easily.

4. Stretch your work boots

Whenever we say that an individual can make their boots comfortable even without wearing them, people get confused and do not believe in this. But actually, this is the truth that you can really make your work boots comfortable even without wearing them.

All you need to do is to take your new work boots in your hands and stretch them as much as possible. The stretching of boots would make the boots easy to get fit on your feet and would bring a lot of comfort to you. The boots become more loose and easy to wear after stretching.

So above were some of the ways which can be followed in order to get a break into work boots. An individual must try the above-mentioned steps as they are very effective and result-oriented.

Many businessmen have already tried these steps and have now known the ways that can bring ease and comfort to them while getting fit into steel toe or heavy work boots. So if you are struggling with pain associated with work boots, then the above-mentioned ways are the perfect solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How do you break in work boots fast?

Whenever we buy a new pair of workboots we often feel discomfort while getting into them. It becomes painful and gets swelling in our feet. Well, the best and the cheapest way to break in work boots faster is to soak the work boots in lukewarm water.

The molecules of lukewarm water loosen the leather fibers of the book and make it lighter and more comfortable. This way can help you to break in the work boots faster.

Q2. How long does it take boots to break in?

It would not take too long for boots to break in. It takes around 80 hours to 100 hours for your new pair of boots to break in. Usually, it is advised to avoid wearing new boots for 3-4 days to keep your feet free from hurt and swelling.

Q3. Are tight boots easily break-in?

There are no such facts that state that a tight pair of work boots are easy to break in. It is advised to buy the right size of boots for yourself. A tight or loose pair might cause more discomfort as compared to boots of the right size.

Final Thoughts On How To Break in Work Boots Fast

Work boots have often become a major center of concern for businessmen but now, this would not bring pain to you anymore. We have mentioned all the ways and stuff that could help you to avoid pain and swelling from work boots. All you need to do is to keep in mind that you are buying a pair of work boots that get hit on your feet easily and in the right way. Moreover, frequent homely walks in work boots would make it easy for you to walk firmly with steel toe boots in your office.

Get rid of all the discomfort and add more relaxing hours to your daily working life by easily getting a break into work boots.

The above-mentioned ways would not just help you to choose the right pair of work boots but would also make you aware of the right ways that can be followed in order to easily break into your work boots. Do not waste time and enjoy wearing work boots with minimum pain and discomfort.

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